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Delegated harvesting allows you to passively earn block chain rewards

1-Symbol has a remarkable economic system that allows you to passively earn coin rewards as if you were mining. This is better than betting rewards given by trades, as you don’t need to put your coins into a trade and are earning real block rewards.

2-In most other blockchains, you need to operate a node to earn blocking rewards. This can be expensive and difficult for casual users. With our delegated harvesting system, your rights to earn rewards are based on how many XYM coins you are holding, but Symbol allows you to delegate those rights to someone else’s node to earn rewards on your behalf. You’ll earn chain lock rewards even when your computer is off, and rewards are sent to you instantly the moment they’re earned.

3-Requires a minimum balance of 10,000 XYM and you can do this easily via a dashboard. See how everything works.


1- First you must have 10,000 XYM in your wallet. For this you need to transfer your money to a broker and buy XYM.

These are the two brokers you can buy XYM from.

Open your account at one of these two brokers, then send your money, then buy 10,000 XYM. Pay attention to the fee charged by the broker when transferring your XYM to your wallet, so I bought a few more.

Wallet. And for that you need to download your desktop wallet.
Here is a video explaining how to install your wallet and how to transfer and buy your XYM.

Click here to download your updated SYMBOL wallet.

You will see that you have several options that will depend on your operating system, ok?
For windows, download the one that has written something like symbol-desktop-wallet-win-1.0.5.exe.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed your wallet, transfer your XYMs to your wallet and go to the next step.


In order to start delegated harvesting, you must keep a few things in mind.

VYou need to keep a minimum of 10,000 XYM (in your Symbol Wallet ).

Your importance score must be greater than 0 before starting harvesting.

If you have recently transferred the minimum amount (10k XYM) to your wallet, you will have to wait 12 hours for your importance score to improve / update and only after your importance score is greater than 0 can you start reaping.

You can check your importance score in your Symbol Desktop Wallet (as shown in the image above) or at

I suggest you start harvesting your Desktop wallet because the mobile wallet has a bug that may not show ACTIVE status.

Now that your account is ready for harvesting and you have over 10,000 XYM, your importance score is greater than 0, we can start the whole process.

1- Copy and paste this address into Node Url:

2 – Read all information and click on CONFIRM
3 – Enter your password and click CONFIRM
4 – Now the keys are bound, so you need to wait
5 – Once the keys are connected, you can click on REQUEST HARVESTING
6 – Enter your password and click CONFIRM
7 – Enter your password again and click confirm
8 – Aguarda até ficar verde no HARVESTIG STATUS

Depending on your account importance score and the node’s free harvest slots, your request may not be granted.
Also, please note that nodes may remove accounts from their harvest slots at any time.
In these cases, you need to switch to a different node and repeat the delegated Harvest activation process. Transaction fees paid for activation will not be refunded.
If you entered a custom node URL, the Harvest status shown may not be accurate on all your devices.

Symbol Desktop Wallet CartSymbol Android Mobile Wallet carteira
Symbol Apple Mobile Wallet: